I have noticed over the course of the past few days, I have recieved over 200 emails, with the subjects:

hi, I have a new email address
Your password
smtp failed
Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie
Mail Delivery Failed

What do you guys think? I haven't opened them at all, they all contain attachments that are 75kb in size...
Yahoo autoshunts all of those into my Spam folder, they are indeed virii.
nah, i think you just go to too many pr0n sites Wink
lol, I use my laptop for that... Just Joking Laughing

I don't know, they just started appearing. My yahoo account's spam folder will rack up 460+ in under 3 days...
that explains why your laptop is always dead Razz

i dunno... 75k... hmm... oh, i know what that might be... no, wait...

if it was 872k, i could definitely help you... that's a "movie.exe" file in a zip file... the icon for movie.exe is a windows media player logo, so if you dont have file extensions turned on it looks like a music video or something...
I am also starting to get it from people that are in my address book... Sad

Has to be a virus...
most likely...
guess so

speaking of small files...anyone else here played that first person shooter thats only 96kb?
Just for the record, those are probably spoofed - I've been getting "I've a new email address" from autoresponder@ticalc.org . Very Happy

other subject messages include: Registration Confirmation, Your IP was logged, Your_Password, hi_ive_a_new_mail_address, smtp mail failed, Mail delivery failed, Paris_Hilton_&_Nicole_Richie.
Yeah, my school made an announcement warning people not to open it.
Wow, I am glad I didn't open it...
Hehe, yup, apparently all my friends freaked otu when they saw the subject line. Very Happy
lol, well, when you have 50 of the same subject lines lookin at you, something has to look suspicious... Very Happy
Well, not everyone is as intelligent as us. Smile
Well, that is a given. Very Happy
KermMartian wrote:
Well, not everyone is as intelligent as us. Smile

Or if you don't want to sound elitist, replace "intelligent" with "computer-proficient" (even though you know it's true Laughing ).
Laughing Good point.
Yeah...my mom got an e-mail a few days back from Admin@fbi.gov saying that I view illegal sites, and my mom went nuts Very Happy Then I showed her the wonders of google searching...Laughing
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