I left Cemetech a while ago without saying a word and I now realize that was unfair to you guys; you deserve an explanation. I just want to make it clear I have nothing against the site. I absolutely love it and the community! I left because I forgot to Garbage Collect on my calculator for a long time and never manually unarchived anything so the prompt saying I needed to never popped up. Eventually, my calculator archive was decimated including unbackedup passionate projects of mine. I immediately lost interest in calculator programming and I have now moved on to NodeJS. Thank you, Cemetech for being an amazing community and part of my life. I loved making things for you and talking to you all. I hope I was helpful and kind to beginners. Wish me luck!

A few people I want to separately thank:
mr womp womp: For BASIC help and collaborations.
123outerme: For collabing and helping me.
iPhoenix: For helping me and Unichat.
KermMartian: For being such an amazing person!
PT_: For always being there and being so helpful and such an amazing administrator.
MateoC: For entertaining us all with your personality, making so many revolutionary games, helping so many people, and dominating Cemetech.

As I hope you all wish me luck, I wish you all luck!
You forgot to thank me for poking fun of your CSE.
***TLM hides

I don't quite understand your post. Are you saying your Archive memory somehow got cleared because you never garbage collected? I don't think I've ever heard of that happening before. I understand your frustration of losing tons of unbacked up programs though. That really sucks Sad

I hope you decide to post your NodeJS programs progress and completions here!
Good luck! Smile
TheLastMillennial wrote:
You forgot to thank me for poking fun of your CSE.

lol, same here.
***SM84CE hides

good luck though!

For future ref., if you decide to pick that CSE back up, do back it up (AppVars, prgms, anything created on calc...) to places like GitHub, Google Drive, etc. It helps when something crashes.
That's a strange issue... Leaving things for a long time in your archive should not cause garbage to accumulate. Also, garbage collecting should happen automatically once the calculator decides enough is enough. As for archive memory being cleared, that's unfortunate, and I've gotten to the point where my memory resets so often (mostly because of my bad asm Laughing ) that most of my calcs just don't have anything on them except the programs I'm currently messing with.

You weren't here for very long, but it was fun while it lasted. I wish you the best of luck with your coding endeavors. (even off-calc 😉)
I'm sorry to hear that a large amount of your calculator work got lost. I'm glad that you took it in stride though, and took the opportunity to change up your resume and add in some JS. I wish you the best going forward and I can't wait to see what you do next!
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