I understand the basics, can program minimal, but I understand what is going on I just prefer axe, meaning I like it.
KermMartian wrote:
I'd strongly recommend that you stick with ASM; in my opinion it's just as easy to learn, and it is of course more powerful.

*Qwerty.55 reminds Kerm that that's precisely the argument that he's been making for ASM on the Prizm Razz
calcman, that's personal preference, and that's what drives the creation of >1000 different programming languages Wink everyone has their preferences, and they should be respected. Maybe slightly criticized if they over-compare things like TI-BASIC to Groovy or BLua to Ruby (comparing vastly-differently powerful languages, if you don't recognize what I be sayin').

No one can crucify you for your personal preferences, unless of course they're just under-confident ch00bs. In which case, pay them no mind. But be able to recognize the difference between "You're stupid for using XXXX" rather than "I personally just think that XXXX is stupid for me".


arriopolis, can you explain the situation you're trying to solve a bit more? What do you want the blinking cursor to do? move along with input on the Text Screen? Just be there? Be in 3x5? 5x7? 32x63? can you tell us what it'll be used in, so we can give you application-specific help? Wink thanks in advance for helping us help you.
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