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There needs to be some sort of 'export all programs to txt' option or something that can backup your code and your comments. The worst part of reverting to a backup whenever my code breaks is that I lose all my comments if I load a .8xp file. It would be incredibly helpful to have an option that could export my project as multiple text files (one per program tab) or just one text file.

Also, a primitive fullscreen SC. It took me less than a minute to do, all I did was delete a bunch of stuff using Inspect Element and these were my results:

Sure they're not the prettiest, but they were pretty darn great to use! It was really nice not having two scroll bars (one for the code and one for the entire page) messing me up and I could fit a lot more code on the screen! Wink
Preserving image transparency while exporting to 8ci would be nice, especially when porting TI-82/83/84+ BASIC programs to the TI-83PCE/84+CSE/CE.

Currently, if I try to import a 265x165 image into SourceCoder it shows up fine there, but on calc it's completely black.
It would be very convenient to have a button in the post editor that would bring up a SC3 project and source file selector.

For added bling, it could be interesting for it to (optionally) insert a link to open the project in SC3.

Edit: Also storing a backup of the latest opened file in localStorage for editing over shoddy internet connections/in case of that one bug that deletes large files.
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