Hello everybody, this is my first post.

So, basically, after replacing the batteries in my Prizm after a long time, the Prizm automatically turns on and goes to the 'Message Language' Screen. However, none of the keys work and I can't do anything to advance to the next screen.

I thought something might be wrong with the keyboard, so I attempted the bootloader combinations. However, those seem to work perfectly, and I go to the appropriate screens.

I urgently need the calculator to work for college, so any help would be most welcome.
Never Mind, problem solved itself. Left the batteries in for about 2 hours, and now it's working perfectly.
I wonder if it was a problem with all the keys or just some of them. Do you remember if up and down buttons had any effect, the only other buttons producing any result would be exe, then exit (after exe), also shift ac/on, as well as F1 and of cause F6?
As far as I could tell, none of the keys were working.
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