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Wait you do music too Merth? Nice. I need to listen when I have a chance.
DJ_O wrote:
Wait you do music too Merth? Nice. I need to listen when I have a chance.
He plays the guitar. Didn't you see the picture of Shaun serenading me? Smile
Sadly nope, I sometimes check that topic, but not often enough to notice all the pictures. Sad

And yeah I noticed the Myspace usage through his link, but don't worry I tolerate Myspace when it comes to music showcase Wink (after all this is where I got some of my fans a few years ago)
Tachibana Kanade from Angel Beats! Smile



Brief from PaSwG! Very Happy

I used this mostly as an exercise in paths, and I'll probably go ahead and finish the one on paper, too. I also just realized that I forgot to throw highlights on there, so I'll have to do that tomorrow. Oh, and I was going to fix the tiny spaces between the borders and the colors, but that will also have to be done tomorrow.
That looks really nice! Very Happy Now I feel like making something in GiMP or Inkscape; maybe I'll draw Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate.
Here's some old drawings of mine that I have kicking around:
These are all freehand sketches drawn during school with no reference material. I only have Mario there because my friend wanted me to try drawing him in a single math period Wink

Okay, I finished Brief now Very Happy Now he has highlights, his thumb is fixed, the parts of his outfit that were supposed to be light green, are now light green, and I got rid of the tiny spaces between lines and the color inside them.

I don't do art really well, but Hiryu has a Deviantart site if you want to check out what he draws outside of the Ti-89 games he's worked on.


Right now he's on a League of Legends kick.
That stuff looks nice guys. I never really got extremly good at drawing because I didn't have the patience really (which is partially why I stopped in 2001), although I did some drawing for some comic books back in the days. I used a bunch of them in one on my Youtube video:

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