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Oh, come on! Fryedsoft is so much better than an apprentice...

I mean, he led the war on haysism... Laughing

And he also has a lot of good BASIC games...
Hmmm, this is true. BTW, I wish hart would come back. Sad
He won't until we can bring back the BE... Sad

And at this rate, isn't promising...
Well, I want to ask him for permission to use something he made for SourceCoder, it would give it FULL optimization power with my coding. Smile
Whatever happened to hart?
He said the only reason he was here in the first place was because of the BE, but since it died, he is not interested anymore...
Bad Idea It never died, just got put on the backburner, like every other Cemetech project at some point.
About like me... alot of my projects are on the back burner...
It didn't die at all. Surprised SourceCoder is a BasicElite project, and it just got featured on ticalc.org...
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