On Your Desktop,
Hit Start Button,
Click Run,

A Seperate Window should open:
1st hit enter, then
type the letter o and hit enter again,
then type towel.blinkenlights.nl and press enter

What do you guys think?
sweet, that is really cool
I can't even begin to fathom how much time that must have taken to make...
yeah, that, and how much one would have to know star wars
That's not a windows Easter Egg, that's a telnet server ASCII stream. Still very impressive.
Whatevs. I saw it on another forum as Microsoft Easter Egg. Rolling Eyes
Razz Ha! Liars. Smile
yeah, I agree with Kerm there
Know if it was telnet o starwars.microsoft.com, THEN I'd agree. Cool
That is nothing. Here is something to be wowed by.

Download Putty, a telnet client program

Open http://www.medievia.com , port 4000 - 4007

That game is so freakin massive...
That's cool, I would probably play it if I were into RPGs.
Jonathan_Pezzino wrote:
What do you guys think?

Some people have way too much time on there hands. It's amazing what they can do with ASCII characters Cool . I don't think I have the patience to sit through this thing....way to much effort and time was put into this...
Yeah, I had to close it after a while. Excellent work though.
I found that last year when I was looking for places to telnet around
And now I know that Telnet can do color...who knew?
REAL ASCII star wars

Fire up linux, then install mplayer w/ libaa (the windows ver of mplayer doesn't have libaa)

Pop in a star wars DVD

use mplayer to play the dvd, but use the "-vo aa" switch

I'll take a screenshot of it later tonight to show ya'll what it ends up looking like (its sweet)

Note: There is a color ASCII vo, but i don't like it nearly as much
OMG Shock screenie please?
as you wish Very Happy





(note, i was just too lazy to rename them, they are pics of diff scenes)

Oh, and don't look at them resized, make sure they are at zoom 100%, then take a step or two away from the monitor - it'll look amazingly good for ASCII
That gets a big fat OMG!!!
Hey mikey! i think he likes it!
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