I need someone to open http://tifreakware.calcgames.org/ccount/click.php?id=2 and

ungroup, rezip ungrouped files, and upload to my site: http://tifreakware.calcgames.org/upload.php

Thanks in advance. Smile
I would except for the lack of TI-Connect. Sad
(Note to self: make SourceCoder do this)
Yes. .8xg files and ability to edit and resave as .8xp would be good. Good Idea
Source Coder will parse the first file in it, you just need to add support for it to open multiple sections or windows...

I think it actually shows the rest of it persay it knows how much mem is being used, but it won't display all of the programs...
The problem is that to avoid overflow errors, it parses until it finds a SECTION end, not a FILE end. I can reconfigure it with minimal work to make it work.
You'rethe master mind behind this operation. Smile
TIFreak, I may just do this, but then I will just skip the upload folder
Well, I just need to show portions of the code to the new member at our forum...
*cough* SourceCoder *cough* Very Happy
*cough* show all files in a .8*g file *cough* Razz

Don't worry, my laptop is workin again, so I can ungroup the file now...
I'm working on group files right now. :O)
ok, hope it goes well for you
Indeed, it's actually all done except for one little thing...
let me geuss, getting it uploaded.
No, actually it's fixing lists and matrices getting an extra element added on at the end.

hmm... you know, it's funny...

the other day i was on #calcgames, and Nikky and I were discussing a noob forum post... guess what Nikky told me to link to in my reply Razz
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