Well, you all may (or may not) have noticed my absense from this forum...I've been extremely busy, to say the least. I got projects from all of my teachers at about the same time with the same due dates for all of them <_< Now those are complete and I should have more time here. Also, I have been working on (and nearly have completed) a DIY projector Very Happy From scratch. And I'm designing the entire thing as well, not following directions from other sites (mainly because they're too costly or just don't work Razz) I just need to order one more part to complete my projector, and then put it into a nice enclosure, and I will have a 72" screen on which to watch anime on Cool Laughing

I have some pictures, just need to find my camera...
Yay! Good for you.
Well, I was able to get my projector to project a 90" image Cool except that picture quality was good, but text quality was horrible...that and my projector overhead, and my lenses literally melted and my LCD is almost unusable, so I have to put the poject aside for a few months until I get some more $$$ Crying
*overheated (?)
That sucks.
Just found this topic again Very Happy

I found some preety cheap LCD monitors w/DVI for $150 from Dell...maybe I'll use one of those...
I've been doing a lot of calculations over this past month, trying to see what would work out for my room...I was thinking about having the screen span across the entire wall of my room (10'), but no one sells optics powerful enough to do that yet Laughing However, I would really like to get my hands on a widescreen LCD monitor that isn't too big and see where I can go with that...

Other things going on @ KyleCorp.

1. R&D Lab is in the process of being reorganized (furniture and equiment being planned out for future purchase; estimated completion time Summer 2006)

2. New source of income is being generated which should yield >$50 per week in profits
lol "R&D Lab" = basement? Smile
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