Yes, progress is being made on Doors CS 5 for the TI-83+. It seems that crashes are exclusively with Ion routines called from ASM programs. More later.
I would be willing to beta test. Just eamil it to me.
I have an emulator, so I don't wory about crashing
Check out the Cemetech homepage, login (ignore any messages about incorrect usernames; I'm working on that), then go here, go down to Doors CS 5.0 Beta 3 and download it.
Would that version be compatible with my Ti-84?
I am looking forward to use Doors CS on my calc. Laughing
Yes, it will be 84-compatible.
Have you found a way to fix the screen problem I was having?
Yes, I have. The next beta update should be sans-bug.
i cant find it... can you post a direct link here? (your links from earlier in this thread are to a site that has moved)
Ah, sorry about that. Here you go:

Welcome to Cemetech, by the way!
Any luck with the above mentioned problems??
I have just got that scrolling suggestion working.
So, another month? Or less?
Hopefully less. I'll keep you guys posted.
yeah, nice to be here... i guess i will download Doors as soon as i can... then i can use Mtunes...
Sweet, tell me what you think of mobileTunes. I think I may have to change it a hair to make it compatible with the current version of Doors CS.
Oh well... i bought an adapter, but the only decent sound program i can use on my calc is Calcmod... and their stuff sounds horrible...
Laughing Hopefully you like mobileTunes songs better. Also, you can make your own mobileTunes songs, and I would appreciate it very much if you would.
sorry to sound dumb, but is there a way i can convert .mp3 to a mTunes file? if not, im gonna have to go buy a book of music with all my songs in it... and i can hardly read music (smells a three year project coming... worse than Phoenix Basic)
No convertor yet. It's an idea that's in the works though Smile
i saw one on Ticalc, but it didnt tell you how to actually convert... and it didnt work...
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