A late ad for my little site: http://clrhome.co.cc/

Blog: A place for me to post all my "news". As you can tell I've twisted Blogger until the theme matched that of the main site.

Projects: A project showcase, complete with admin controls (which you can't see, of course). It's getting a little long, so I guess I'll have to split it someday.

Bug report system: Pretty much my own version of Bugzilla. All posts/comments are spam right now because no one's posted any bugs yet Razz

Tutorials: Showcase with HTML'd versions of my tutorials (and ACag's). One is complete, four are being worked on, and three don't exist.

Guestbook: This is gonna change sometime soon. Right now I'm still using Google FriendConnect for this, but I'd rather make my own version, like I did with the bug tracking system. For some reason I prefer using things I made myself Cool

Membership panel: Sign up, sign in, user panel, help out, join the team, admin panel, whatever.

Any comments/suggestions/bugs/rants? How's the color scheme?

And sign up when you have the time Smile
I can't say I'm hugely amused by the "news," although I appreciate the effort that you've put into creating your fake articles. The color scheme looks excellent; a little plain, but very clean and readable. The projects look nice, especially those floating screenshots. Are all those people members of your group?
Somehow I didn't get notified for your reply... Maybe topic reply notifications don't get enabled for topics you create?

Anyway, yeah, I like gray Very Happy

KermMartian wrote:
Are all those people members of your group?

Them and a few others, but sort of.
Great to hear. I wouldn't be angry if you added tiny shots of one color, like an aqua blue or something at the edges, but it's fine as it is. Smile
Yeah, I should. The only colors right now are links (#00f), screenshots, author names, and graphics in some tutorials.

But watch out for April 1st Laughing
Deep Thought wrote:
Yeah, I should. The only colors right now are links (#00f), screenshots, author names, and graphics in some tutorials.

But watch out for April 1st 0x5
Oh geez, I bet you're going to have a totally non-subtle joke. Razz
Hmm, do you think a box shadow around the whole thing would make it look better?
Deep Thought wrote:
Hmm, do you think a box shadow around the whole thing would make it look better?
I would have to see it in action to make an informed decision, but I think that it's definitely at least worth a try!
Something of an update: Merging with ACagliano's site (c2prgm.webs.com).

EDIT: And I managed to hack AjaXplorer into using my own `Members` table... This is fun Very Happy

EDIT2: Due to complaints that my site's theme was too gray, I have now completely redone the entire site. Haven't finished the blog though, but I'm working on that.

Playing around with a new design:


Nothing works yet, but I think I'm going to use this someday.

EDIT: And of course every version of IE less than 9 fails epically on the logo.
That looks very cool! Now you just need to start having some real content instead of only fake news. Wink
Well, for the first time ever I posted non-fake community news on my blog: http://blog.clrhome.co.cc/2011/05/contests-contests.html

Never done that before Laughing

EDIT: It's gonna be a nightmare to put that theme on the blog Neutral
Wow, and I even learned something new! I had heard vaguely of both contests, but now I know the prizes and everything. Smile Good job.
I should do that more often. Now that I look back and read the fake news I've written, I don't find them funny anymore Neutral

Anyway, I updated http://clrhome.co.cc/b/test/ again. Took out all the color

I didn't actually mean for the navbar to turn out that way, but oh well. Looks good enough.
Nightmare over. I've gotten all the hard stuff working on Blogger!

And made masks for the main column and sidebar so the background, but not the text, is transparent Very Happy

And I need someone else's opinion on this: Should I make links green (like on the main page) or white (like on the blog)?
Well, that's annoying. Google delisted the entire co.cc domain (I should cross-post that bit of news here sometime), and now I'm stranded with 25% less traffic. I'm thinking of moving to dia.fr.am (that's the actual URL) and renaming the site completely. Any thoughts? dia.fr.am is six characters shorter than clrhome.co.cc too Very Happy
Ouch. Can you find any reason why?
comicIDIOT wrote:
Ouch. Can you find any reason why?

Yeah, it's all here: http://searchengineland.com/google-delists-all-co-cc-domains-from-index-83931

Basically because the vast majority of .co.cc sites are spam, Google just removed them all from their index.
Well, I haven't updated this in a while. I've long since moved to http://clrhome.tk/ and redesigned the entire site two more times, and I think I finally got it right. The new site is now completely IE7-, printer-, non-JS–, CSS3-, and XHTML-friendly. Even the dynamic bits Very Happy

That template looks super-familiar to me, but I can't remember why exactly. I'm glad that you got your site moved away from .co.cc. In looking through the site, I found one error off the top of my head, not to pick on anyone in particular:

... home of Axe Parser, the only third-party calculator language in existence...

That is not even close to being accurate. There were several completed third-party calculator languages before Axe was first imagined, although they're not used widely at all. In particular, there was a compiled BASIC-like language the name of which is currently escaping me, but which I'm sure I can track down if you need.
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