3-level, using Xlib.
Excellent. What other sprites should I make? And when my link gets working again, I'll do programming too.
Sprites needed:
-n00b bullets
-n00b bosses
-Archives building
I like it. I take it that the things on the bottom left are the n00bs?
I didn't make the n00bs yet, those are n00b bullets (the 0s and 1s) and you (at the top left).
Oh. I'm thinking that the walls might not be needed, as it would be too difficult to prgoram in and not as interesting gamewise. What do you think?
I'd say so
And are the calcs on the center right have any specific purpose? I don't recall saying anything about them earlier.
I figured it might be useful for something. Note that I just enlarged everything 2x to make it easier to see.
Maybe as pickups, +armor, +power, etc. Maybe make it so that n00bs can pick them up too, but they give a different effect.
Cool, I'll do that.
You could also makes the n00bs poisonous, so that you lose life when you collide with them.
Ahhhh, good call!
There could also be a "Forum' structure that produces n00bs or 1337 programmers, depending on the type of forum.
Very Happy nice! I like it. Get coding please? Wink
Will do. *goes to work on it*[/code]
nooo! do a [ code ] not a [/code]! Don't [/code] until it's perfect. Cool
Sorry. The [/code] came from when I tried to post a code idea here, but I forgot to close the tag after I decided not to. It was automatically added when I submitted the post.
Ah, care to share anyway?
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