I thought you might be curious about this project, so I'm posting it here. Meet Salamax, the calculator and PC applications that allow you to control an Xbox 360 from a PC (or any device attached to a PC, like a Wii remote):

The video is of me playing Sonic and Knuckles on the Xbox 360 using a Wii remote.

It's done by creating a bridge between the console and controller:

Xbox 360 <-> 84+/SE <-> PC <-> Wired Controller

The security handshake between 360 and controller (which is what normally protects the Xbox 360 from cheap Chinese knock-offs and unauthorized third-party peripherals) is allowed to pass freely between the two, but the PC (and calculator) inject their own button press events.

More information and downloads for the binaries and source code are at http://brandonw.net/360bridge.
Thanks BrandonW, that was the first time i was first on a youtube video ^_^

i have heard of others making controllers and other mods with hardware, but using the calculator is an interesting touch. Of course, other dev boards with OTG ports would work a bit better by reducing the amount of hardware and letting a bluetooth dongle to be attached at the same time, but a calc is still better in some sense.

Good Idea
Hello there,

I have been very interested in this project since its first announcement back in 2011, and have been planning to have a go at ever since. Just recently i got a graphlink cable and began to explore the code. My issue is that i don't have the specific afterglow controller used in the project, and was wondering how exactly i would go about re-configuring the code to support the controller or devices i would like to use. Unfortunately i have been looking around and realized that this project hasn't really picked up much steam, and haven't seen any one else tinkering around with the code. My hope was that if i found a post i could figure it out from there. Can either of you two be of any assistance? It would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

Vince S.
It sounds like you can use any wired controller. I haven't watched the video but I would assume any wired controller that can complete the security handshake to the console is eligible.
Thanks for your response!

I assumed the same thing, but it would not show up as connected in the salamax application. After rummaging through the code, i found that i had to change the USB Vendor ID and Product ID to match that of my controller. After i did this is said connected! I then proceeded to load up the calculator app and start the bridge. The logs indicate that the security info from the controller was successfully extracted and sent to the calculator. Although after that i cannot get it to move past that. I believe that after i plug the regular usb cable into the xbox the calculator should establish itself as a controller according to the code. But i cannot get the xbox to recognize the calculator at all. Ive tried two different Ti-84+ and i cant seem to figure it out

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