1/3 mapped by now.
How is this going? You haven't posted any progress in a while Smile
Hey guys, check this out! After implementing my new tilemapper, the game actually ran so fast that it became unplayable. I've throttled it to about 4 times slower to both steady the greyscale and decrease game speed, so check it out ^^

Wow, here's a topic I haven't seen in ages. Also, that's always something to aim for, your program being too fast. Very Happy That smoothness looks ridiculously nice.
Indeed, it's always nice when things go right for a change ^^

In other news, made a level editor to remove some of the strain:

Looking good! How big can levels for the game be, while we're on the subject?
As this is a port of the actual game, the entire map will be 16 by 1087 tiles.

With my level editor, I finished that which I didn't for over 5 months (or whenever I started this project Razz) in just two days Very Happy

Mapping is now complete.

/leafy pulls out celebratory pony balloons

As for what there is still to do, I need to add checkpoints, add enemies, add some kinky title/cutscenes, and package it all up for release!
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