Blockland really is chic:
Wow...just wow.
I'd get it if I had a Shuffle.
You should get one just for this!!
I already have an iPod, d00d. Cool
Jonathan Pezzino wrote:
I already have an iPod, d00d. Cool

Get a shuffle, I mean, d00d. Cool
Just for this utter coolness. Or you could use $5 of LEGOs to make one for your own iPod. Very Happy
Laughing Laughing True, I would just need some epoxy to hold it all together...I'm not sure that would improve my social status though. Rolling Eyes
I like it, a home built case for the iPod, maybe I should do it for mine

btw, JPez, what model do you have. I have the 4th gen (clickwhell) with grayscale screen
I built a duct tape case for my 4th gen grayscale clickwheel iPod.
that could be fun too, too many descions
Idea Duct-tape bound LEGOs!
NOW you're using your head, Kerm! Laughing
YUp yup. And nothing like a few cd slivers hot-glued on to symbolize the death of the CD. Smile
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