What a waste of life...yet funny.
Yay for stop-motion animation. Very Happy click the lego movies link....all about 15-30 second gif files
Link borked.
whoops, I thought I had declassified that......
now it is declassified
Still borked. Sad
I'm sorry, but those are terrible. Bad Idea
must...poke...eyes...out...with...sticks... Very Happy
They weren't terrible, but perhaps stop-motion would be the way to go?
if it wern't for the way done, they could have been ok
you mean the fact that I used a 5 fps Lego camera with resolution about equivalent to that of our beloved calculators? thats supposed to be part of the feel of it.......
I found them strangely entertaining watching a second time.
rivereye wrote:
if it wern't for the way done, they could have been ok

LMAO, that's one way to put it rivereye, though I think that's the equivalent of saying "You're a good person except for your personality." Rolling Eyes
how about the one where the guy gets repeatedly knocked over by a boulder?

im posting various train-wreck movies tomorrow.
/me looks scared, then runs away.
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