I am taller than most of you, around 6'3" (190-ish cm).

beckadamtheinventor wrote:
I am 5 foot 10.5 inches or so. Many of the people I know are taller than me, like 6+ feet, so I feel short. Razz

Remember that you don't see all of yourself! There is still with you, this is true, for some others, well, I'm not too sure...more of you above eye level, so you may actually be just as tall as your peers Smile
I am 5 feet and 9* inches tall.

*Everyone that measures me insists that it's 8 and 3/4 inches, but that's close enough to round up, isn't it?
6' as well, or 182cm in normal people measurements. Seriously, I never had the slightest idea of how American/Imperial measurements work (Gallons? Feet? Miles? Ounces?) and just rely on grossly simplified calculations (with 1 meter being more or less 3 feet) or things I know by heart and extrapolate from (.50cal is 12.7mm, so 1 inch is 25.4mm, and so on), and feel like a retard online because of that.
JS1982 wrote:
Just a little over 5'2. Yes, I'm extremely tiny Very Happy

5' even.
actually 5' 3/4', but 5' even sounds better. Also I'm 14, so Cool
I'm 6'2" or 188.0616cm
I just measured myself with one of those fancy doctor's scales and I'm now down from my last post to 6'5.25" (196cm) Very Happy I haven't grown in 10 years, so I guess it is shrinking time ?
5 feet 9 inches, but I still have a few yearโ€™s worth of growing to do. I was short for a while, so Iโ€™m happy with my current height (average/slightly above average).

EDIT: I grew another half inch--still plenty of time for more!
I am almost 15 and barely 5 foot. yay
Not exactly sure why this thread exists, but I am 6' even
Well I'm a bit taller since the last time I posted here, about 6'2.5" or so
I am 5' 2"
That is because I am in the 7th grade Very Happy
I am 5' 8"

I look forward to growing taller
I'm 6' even Razz
5'3''... *cough* 10th *cough* grade.
1 c4ooo tall
5'8", which is tall for my family...
I am 2 yards (6' or ~183 cm)...for some reason I only seem to have have yard sticks (& measuring tapes shorter than 6'). I may have been 6⅛' in the past, or that may have been a mis-measurement.
Around 5'9 1/2", last I measured (2 weeks ago).
I am 5'4"
I grew 3" after my back surgery 7 years ago Very Happy
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