KermMartian wrote:
As I responded to someone else who asked the same question a few days ago, there's actually nothing in the code that I am writing that would/will prevent it from working perfectly well for unit-to-unit transfers, but my many years have taught me the huge divide between what I expect my code to do and what it actually does. I know, but he offered staying-up-until-2am-writing-code-for-me moral support, so he got a special mention. You, Sonlen, Eeems, and ParkerR are among the users who have been the most loyal and enthusiastic in offering moral support and beta-testing assistance.

I know Razz just kidding with you

And, ah, I see.. Hmm, I will try to test USB calc-calc then when it comes out then. I wanna also see if it fixes my Oblit problem.. that.. I forgot.. to tell.. you a..bout...


/me hits self
Not a problem, you sorta mentioned it but I didn't really pursue it. Anyway, please continue discussion of this in the new thread:

First Direct USB gCn Successes
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