Hmm, I like the idea of limiting the player to one power-up at a time, and perhaps make getting a new one force the old one out, so the player has to quickly choose which one he or she wants?
Remind me to work on this tomorrow. Also, if anyone could get a list of some sorts as to what I should work on, I'd greatly appreciate it Smile Should I have a stack, or keep it as it is, or make it so you can toss the old one before an amount of time?

Edit: For powerups, of course
How is it now? You have exactly one powerup you must keep until it expires?
Yes, that's exactly how it is.
_player1537 wrote:
Yes, that's exactly how it is.
Then I think that is how it should stay. Smile What do others thing on this item?
What was the final verdict? No one really posted :/

Anyways, I'm crossposting this just for the sake of making you all go "oooh" "ahhh". And because I am tired and bored. This is the first post to my Omnimaga topic about this game:
I have been working on this main concept of a program for quite a while now. From its humble beginnings as an Axe program, which helped me get concepts down. Then the C version written for the Nspire, which helped get ideas for what needs to be a function, and how it would look on a larger screen. And now it has come to ASM, which I have gotten better with compression, bit packing, DCS coding, and more.

This thread has been over at Cemetech for a while, I started there, and asked for help with enemies. Later it needed its own thread because there wasn't a "project" thread about. For some reason, I have neglected to post the game here. Also, as of now, I still have not posted any executables for people to test. I have done screenshots, but no one else has tried it yet Smile

About the game:
::Raven is a shoot-em-up game, kinda like Phoenix (but don't compare it with that too much Wink). Your goal is to shoot down all the enemies and eventually, the boss. As of now, there really isn't a "winning" state, but I'll add that with levels. It's mostly an example right now, in my opinion. It is something to move around with and shoot down enemies, but since there isn't a "winning" state, it ends right there :/

Some features:
::Player movement
::Enemy movement
::Boss movement
::Your bullets / gun
::Enemy bullets / gun
::Screen collisions
::Bullet reload+
::Bullet collisions between you and the enemies' bullets
::Bullet collisions between enemies and your bullets

Features to come (not implemented) :
::Boss bullets
::Bullet collisions betwen you and the boss' bullets
::A custom icon
::A DCS Associated Program for loading levels
::A level editor

Some screenies (Listed in sequential order, and as links for bandwidth) :

Questions, comments, concerns, complaints, and just plain insults are welcome Smile
Thanks for the updates, Tanner. Smile It looked like the verdict was to keep the system as it is now, was it not?
*bump* Progress? Haven't seen anything in a very long time, sadly. Sad
Well... I haven't done much with this lately :/ I went and made a WabbitCode project out of the source code and separated parts of the code into various files. After doing that, I recompiled it one day so I could show my mom the game so far, and it seems that I had broken bosses, among other things. I would say "Remind me to fix it later", but that never seems to work with me :/ I guess I will look through the source code now, though. It is weird that it still crashes, because I only changed stuff regarding the boss, which is commented out right now...
Is it possible when you reordered the source that parts without returns are accidentally flowing into other files (although I'm not explaining myself very well)? Best of luck; I hope to see some new progress soon!
I get what you are saying, but I'm not sure if I did or not. That will be the first thing i check Smile

Edit: And thanks! Smile
How did it go; were you able to track down the problems? Or do they remain sadly at large?
I think I might have a clue where the bug is... But I got bored, quickly, from searching for bugs. I think I might work on some other projects for a while and pick this up at a later time. I still have the old Raven2 source that works, so I'll probably just move this over to be Raven3 Smile Either way, I have a few projects I want to pick up, so that will be fun Smile
Feel free to throw it in my direction if you'd like me to try to track it down as I occasionally do Souvik's bugs. Smile You can pastebin it and post the link in this thread, or shoot me an email with a zip and post here to remind me.
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