I have a rather whacked out idea, but it would suit my purposes better than using the Pre_hook, but I want Kerm's input on this first, before actually doing it.


; where Cn2_Start is the starting address of the Cn2_Interrupt
; where Cn2_Size is the size of the interrupt

ld hl, Cn2_Start
ld de, saferam1
ld bc, Cn2_Size

ld hl,saferam1
ld de, Cn2_Start + 2
ld bc, Cn2_Size

; I have effectively shifted Cn2's entire interrupt forward 2 bytes...

;; now, i can insert a call to my code in the beginning.

In order to suit my purposes, I need to insert a persistent hook.

To undo this, simply repeat the process, but shift everything backwards 2 bytes.
I can't see why this is possibly any better than using the prehook.
Well, the question i pose is then...if you use the Prehook, will it remain hooked persistently, or will it need to be re-hooked every time you want to turn on the interrupt?

Also, what is the address at which the Cn2 interrupt starts? and, can [code]bcall (_ChkFindSym) be used inside an interrupt, maybe twice...
everytime cn2setup is called it clears the prehook. and yes it can
ok.. and the last question... the starting address of the Cn2 interrupt?
its in the wiki
see the interfacing calcnet page
I can't seem to find that page.. interfacing calcnet.
geekboy1011 wrote:
everytime cn2setup is called it clears the prehook. and yes it can
It also re-writes the RAM stub though, so your technique wouldn't help, ACag.
oh. darn. Sad then my entire idea is shot to h*ll lol.
If that is the case, then I ask that you, perhaps in the distant future, consider supporting a persistent Cn2_ pre and post hook. But only if more people beyond me need it. lol.
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