OK, I'm trying to figure it out right now. I have some ideas...
what's the access set to?
*slaps self* Smile
ah....did you figure it out?
I repermissioned it. Try now.
<TITLE>403 Forbidden</TITLE>
You don't have permission to access /index.php
on this server.<P>
<P>Additionally, a 404 Not Found
error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
<ADDRESS>Apache/1.3.33 Server at domitian.jatoleconomy.com Port 80</ADDRESS>
Huh. What port are you using? 80?
wierd, wont let me post what I want. check your email.
Possible responses:

:: AUTHERROR1 : database access error
:: AUTHERROR2 : incorrect host password
:: AUTHERROR3 : database read error / no data submitted
:: CALCAUTHERROR1 : database access error
:: CALCAUTHERROR2 : incorrect calc password
:: CALCAUTHERROR3 : database read error
:: CALCAUTHERROR4 : database read error
:: CALCAUTHERROR5 : Calc not registered to this username / calc not registered
:: CALCAUTHERROR6 : database read error
:: CALCAUTHERROR7 : database read error
:: SUCCESS%%1 : Calc added to online database

:: CALCAUTHERROR8 : database read error
:: CALCAUTHERROR9 : database read error
:: CALCAUTHERRORA : Calc not registered to this username / calc not registered
:: CALCAUTHERRORB : database read error
:: SUCCESS%%1 : Calc removed from online database

::CALCAUTHERROR0 : database read error/calc requested not registered
::FAILED%%0%%0 : calc not online

The virtual port is set by the host and sent in the initial ADD request, not returned by the server.
thanks. here's a screenshot of the current interface.

Very hot. I love how my ticalc.org profile is in the bg. Very Happy
I changed it to take up less file size Neutral. I was looking for a copy of the gCn logo....i may have found the problem, got to test it, but while I was looking through the source, I noticed that one of the key-value pairs I was sending had been mistyped with md45 instead of md5

never mind that wasnt it, but its good I found it nonetheless
K, I suspect it way have to do with something on the server. I shall investigate.
After seeing the whitepaper on the protocol, I would suggest modifying the protocol this way:
It would probably cut so
Pass a header:
1 byte - Sender ID
1 byte - Receiving ID
2 bytes - Size of Packet

This would cut down the data transferred from 3*sizeof(data_sent) bytes to sizeof(data_sent)+4 bytes. This would of course give a max size of 64kB of data at once, but no calc should need this much anyway (except major files on 68k).
whaddya think Kerm? sounds good to me.

if you send me a copy of the server script I can see if it'll work on my website.
Hey brilliant one, way to put your pwd md5 in that screenie. Very Happy

>>Script wouldn't work on your server, because you don't have the Cemetech user database.
>>Better logos for you:

Yeah, I like how those came out. Now for solving the problem, I haev an idea of what it might be.
thanks for the logos.

I could use the script to test since my pwd is the same on the SFGP user database. (btw, notice that my pwdmd5 is wrapped in the picture. you cant see all of it Smile)
Try the script - I took out what I think was causing the 403.
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