KermMartian wrote:
elfprince13 wrote:
More fun ahead! :p

Maybe I'll have to make another trip to NYC Wink
Oh dear, it looks like Mac OS doesn't follow the USBHID standard as I had hoped. Sad What do you know about C# and Mac OS? Merth wanted to write the direct USB bits in C#, but I don't know how portable that is.

Edit: So apparently some edits ended up in the wrong file or something; my 8/268 firmware loads and installs, but no luck chatting with it yet.

Anything in C# would probably need Mono, but I'm not sure well you'd be able to write device drivers that way...

The upside as far as Mac is concerned would be that you can write Application-layer device drivers with IOKit, but you probably don't have access to one to test on.
A long weekend of work on the $10 Bridge has yielded some successes! I am able to finally send and receive to and from the bridge without it glitching, freezing, or running into an infinite loop. For testing, I have an Arduino gCn Bridge and a $10 Bridge plugged into each other, and I'm using the (known-working) Arduino bridge to debug the input and output of the (known-glitchy) $10 Bridge. Currently, I can receive frames quite dependably with the $10 Bridge, although for some reason frames occasionally have corrupted data. I can also send frames to the bridge, and when I have it echo over USB, the data is completely intact. When the Arduino interprets the results from the $10 Bridge, though, it reports corrupted frames. I suspect that the USB interrupt is messing about with things, so the plan:

1) Try disabling interrupts right before an attempted send, reenable immediately afterwards and perform a USBPoll() call. Hopefully the host will be suitably forgiving.
2) Do the same on receives; receives always get corrupted, if they are corrupt, at the fourth byte of the frame payload, so I suspect that that too is a USB fault.
3) Create two more report types in addition to the 256-byte-payload, a 16-byte payload one and a 64-byte payload one. This will eliminate some of the overhead of having to consume the empty top 254 bytes of a 1-byte payload frame.
This sounds like a blast. Rolling Eyes Good work though!
elfprince13 wrote:
This sounds like a blast. Rolling Eyes Good work though!
Thanks! I did all this; I'll be posting a topic in a moment showing off my work and announcing the pending release of gCn v1.0 along with the looming direct USB work. I would presume that we wouldn't have a good way of getting Mac OS $10 bridge drivers any time in the near future?
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