I'll be starting a list of shorthands we use while playing UT. This will be the general format, bold for what is actually typed, italics for the rest of the word, and _ for a literal space. If something is also another phase, I'll say it on a new line, with a "-" in front of it. And clarifications are on a new line, with two "--" in front of it. Sonlen, Qazz42, ParkerR, KermM, ComicIDIOT, and the other UT players, help by writing these out in the correct format for me please Smile

good game
tank incoming defence
--When a tank is coming towards the defence (base), mostly used with VCTF-UP-Archangel
tank offence
--When you have a tank and go on an offencive run
--Pick a side, and stick with it.
--You go on a run to the other side of the field to get the flag
tid = tank iincoming [towards] defense, mostly used on VCTF-UP-Archangel

tid_o = tank iincoming [towards] defense oout - said tank has been destroyed

to = tank offense - taking our tank on offense

d = defense - player defending the flag

o = offense - player attempting to get enemy flag
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