Yeah, I started this project (which is already 20% complete) to help with explaining how to use the drawing commands for my latest tutorial. And I figured, while I am at it, might as well make it up to Elite standards, and publish the program Smile

Currently, upon start up, if it is the first time it is run, it will make you set up the pic variables in a list (0 doesn't exist, 1 is archived, 2 is unarchived). It can delete any existing variables, and uses the created list to determine wether the pic variable fits certain conditions.

The about section works, as does the exit program option. I am workin on the ability to arch/unarch the variables, then I will need to add the following:

The ability to copy from one pic variable to another, and deal with detection.

The ability to open a picture, and offer drawing commands

The ability to open a new picture, and offer drawing commands.

I will probably make this into a couple different programs, so it will run as fast as basic will allow. I will of course be using the Input function very heavily for this program. The only thing that I have yet to equate in my head is the shading routine, because using the shading command will leave lines going across the screen...

Any suggestions, or flames? Evil or Very Mad Rolling Eyes
*cough* Draw DE *cough* Cool
Bah. That one is yours, this one is mine. Very Happy

Besides, I don't know anything about the workings of that program, how would I go about makin a tutorial for it?? Confused
I meant you were free to take a look at my code to help you out.
Oh, ok. Thanks, I will look in to it. Smile
NP. Good luck with this. Smile
Thanks. Makin the program will be the easy part. Explaining it in a tutorial... Rolling Eyes Evil or Very Mad
Very true, explaining stuff you already know tends to be challenging.
Yeah, I know the truth of that...

Archiving ability has been completed, need to work on the unarchiving part now...
K, that's always good. So it's gonna be + only?
For now, until I get the 83 lessons caught up... The programs won't be much different, just have to remove some of the features...
indeed. I have a soft spot for 83s though Smile
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