TheLastMillennial wrote:
Sm84ce you didn't name your songs and I can't watch the videos. Razz

fixed!! Here ya go (see above!)
SM84CE wrote:
Here's my favorite 5, in no particular order:

By making this topic here... Look What You Made Me Do!! Oh well, looks like I had to be Brave anyways. You know what people say: What doesn't kill you makes you Stronger! I'll also say this to anyone else in my position: great job, and I'll Stand By You. Y'all will have to put up a Fight (Song) to beat me!

***SM84CE runs off to Mars
Oh wait... Kerm might catch me; he hates bad puns... oops!
***SM84CE runs off to Pluto
mr womp womp wrote:
I can't believe I haven't seen this topic before!

Probably because I four year necro-posted. Razz


I like this one!

TheLastMillennial wrote:

Anyways I use to like hard electronic music but I've given my ears a break and become a big Electo-swing guy. Here are my favorites:

Yis! More electro-swing. I've been trying to find some good tracks and I like these, especially Delight by Jamie Berry. Another genre I'm trying to find more of is Orchestral Trance. I have one song and it's so hard to find anything else.

Battlesquid: I'm a fan of Disfigure. I'll have to check out more by that artist/group.
(Links are to Youtube)

Six Shooter - Coyote Kisses
Blossom - Au5
Love Divine - Conro & Disero
Insight - Haywyre
Fortress - Rogue

I have too many favorites to pick all-times, but these are the first 5 to come to mind.
Most of my favorites are in Russian, my native language.

Here's a list, in no particular order.

* Fedorov is a member of AuktYon.

Yeah, I know - but I really like that one band Laughing
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