hmm, haven't updated here in a month. Will transfer things over later today Very Happy
Ashbad wrote:
hmm, haven't updated here in a month. Will transfer things over later today Very Happy
Have you been working on things in the meantime, though, and you just happened to forget about us? Sad
nah, not forget, just have been very busy, and been meaning to post it. It's now in Axe, since I figured out how to get past the 16358 byte limit. Here's the latest screenie:

Note that it's now a ARPG like zelda, much different than before Shock

I finally got it to 45 FPS with enemies and such. I wish I could do a screenie now, but I'm in the middle of making a magic , XP, and multi-mapping system.

Here's the title screen:

and for those who want to try it out themselves, here's the last executable:;topic=5459.0;attach=5513
hmm, no feedback for a week Sad at least not here

Well, it's still working out, just have to fix a few problems.
That screenshot looks rather impressive. I need to see about going through the rest of this thread and reading up on what all you have accomplished before I can say too much more.

I also need to pay attention more to the rest of the topics..
Since when is there a 16358-byte limit? There's an 8KB execution limit, and if you're clever, you can do code swapping, but at least for DCS ASM programs, you can fill the top of your program with data up to about 22KB or a bit more.
well, for axe apps, there is the 16K limit due to the fact yuo can only compile single page apps, but squidget taught me how to execute assembly programs from outside the app, adding up to 8192 bytes plus the 16K per program Smile

EDIT: plus, here's the (almost) complete title screen screenie:

EDIT2: since cemetech doesn't have a [spoiler] tag, It would really slow down the thread's first page if I edited in every single last screenie of TaNF in action, so I'll post it here, in TaNF's new sub-forum at omnimaga, under major projects:

Is there anyway to simulate the spoiler tag? Because I really would like to send them over here too Sad

EDIT3: and thanks to Scout for making the screenie for me, he has been very helpful to me lately Smile

EDIT4: Just got the binary working after fixing a bug all day Very Happy though it's not in a state ready for posting yet, but hopefully it will be by friday...
Ooh, I really like the star twinkling effect. It makes it look very polished.
merthsoft wrote:
Ooh, I really like the star twinkling effect. It makes it look very polished.

I especially like the stars shining, I must try that in uPong (not copy cat, but some animation).

Edit by Merth: Fixed my own typo (:
Good call, Merth; the star effect is quite nice (and subtle, something you don't often see in calculator games)! Also, you can simulate the spoiler tag with text of the correct background-matching color.
thanks for the input! And Kerm, I meant to use spoilers more in a way to hide pictures under them, not so much really text. Is this possible as well?
You could link to the image with the [url] tag. Wink
Why not just post the images?
merthsoft wrote:
Why not just post the images?
An excellent question; what needs to be hidden about them?
I think he wants something where you can go to the first post of the topic and open only a select few screenshots, so that it isn't too much to see at once.
^ exactly what player1537 just said Wink

on omnimaga it slowed down the first page so much it was running at like 1 FPS, so I had to put them in spoiler tags.
Ashbad wrote:
^ exactly what player1537 just said Wink

on omnimaga it slowed down the first page so much it was running at like 1 FPS, so I had to put them in spoiler tags.
Depending on what browser's rendering engine you're using, I'm not even sure that GIFs in hidden divs actually speed things up that much, although I suppose based on the evidence they do. I still say that [url] tags are the way to go.
No news yet, I am taking a brief one week vacation from working on TaNF to work on and finish some other projects, and update and make superb my ball physics' engine. But expect an alpha for TaNF very soon Wink
Sorry for not posting updates here x.x that was my bad. But, for 3 of the 4 weeks I stopped postin stuff here, it was dormant anyways -- but what I made in the last week is significant.

Tiles -- I had planned to do 256 before, but since it really only adds 1 bit to each map screen to have two sets of 256 (one indoors, one outdoors) I might as well do that.

I have 224 done so far, but I know what I need to make -- 256 was too tightly pressed unfortunately x.x here are some more recent mockups for the tiles (PS this only shows about 100 of the tiles): Edit by Tanner: Eww, bitmap! ;)

Map -- The map started out as being a wimpy 9x9 (81 screens), and then went to 12x12 (144 screens) but I've finalized it to be 18x18 (324 screens) -- this means it will be 80 screens larger than Link's Awakening's Map for the original gameboy -- but in a way there's a trade off because the screens themselves are only 12x7. Here is a version of the latest map:

Programming -- confirmed as z80 assembly -- too bad I have to throw out 80% of the code I had so far, though x.x though I'll still use a variant of the original title. Wink I'm making it in assembly because it doesn't have the limits that Axe has -- and I'll need at least 2 application pages for code alone.

Data management -- at first I said that I would need 7 additional pages for Data for the overworld alone -- but since I reduced the size of each screen to around 110 bytes, I can fit it in 2 pages Smile then I can reserve 3 more for dungeon data (I plan on them being even more complex and long than zelda dungeons) and another page for other things.

So, very large, but I cut some corners, but the size will swell up again now that I have room for better dungeons.
Four weeks? More like two months! Wink Why do you have to throw out 80% of the code that you have so far? Also, assuming each tile is one byte, 324 screens each of 12x7 = 27KB, which can fit on two App pages. Unless you need more than one byte per tile space?
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