KermMartian wrote:
calc84maniac wrote:
In addition, the GBC introduced a new swappable RAM page in an address area that can't be swapped directly with the TI paging hardware, so an 8KB memory copy would be required for each swap.
What a pain. Sad And none of the quirky TI-84 Plus/SE mapping modes help at all?

Anyway, I probably won't start development until we have a good flash unlock hack and an emulator with sufficient development tools (I hear TilEm might support CSE soon)
If you need more development features in jsTIfied, I'd be happy to obliged (except for "make it faster", which would be challenging). Razz

Nope, unfortunately they don't help. There is a swappable 4KB (7 pages available) in $D000-$DFFF, and everything else in the $C000-$FFFF range should be statically mapped.

And I can't really say I'm a fan of web applications in general, I probably won't ever be satisfied with jsTIfied (sorry Razz)
Fair enough, I respect that. Hopefully other people will have some suggestions for it, especially if by a miracle I one day let SourceCoder generate programs from ASM source code.
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