is there anybody that has the time to make a step by step list for making a
link for USB8x for a TI84+se?
is it even possible to connect a mini-usb and a female USB together if i were to cut the parts of the wire that i needed?
i have never done any seperating and joining of wires and i would rather trust u guys over a google search.
if you find an acceptable webpage post it please.
I think there is one at Brandonw's site but I'm not sure.
I didn't have the technical skill to make one, so I got one from Radioshack. In reality, it's not a specific mini-usb-to-female-USB-A (there is a diff between A and B), but it's a cable that comes with 5 different adapters; a female A, a male A, a male B, a mini male A, and a mini male B. It works fine for me, and it functions as a crapload of other stuff too. I got it for $20, which is a good deal around me, because a USB printer cable (which my cable can act as) is $25 Smile.
Ive seen that adapters as cheap as $15 but that isn't the cable style the cheapest ones look like this.
Harrierfalcon:thanks ill check out radioshack soon

TheStorm wrote:
I think there is one at Brandonw's site but I'm not sure.

ok i found his site and i saw what you were talking about. if i read it correctly, you cannot splice the two parts together because of a different power limit. therefore you need an external power source. hmm
NO the external power source is there only for devices that require more power than the calculator puts out. would a USB 2.0 memory stick require that extra power?
No most things won't need the extra power unless you are using a gamepad or something like that
ok. so splicing is possible without needing anything extra besides the two parts?
Yes basically but If you are going to make it you self you Might as well add the extra power.
ok. well i better go looking for those parts then.
i have no idea how to read the drawing on BrandonW's page. are you willing to make me a step by step tutorial? its ok if you dont want to lol.
Sorry I can't help you there I just bought an adapter. :p
np. i've seen an adapter online somewhere for $10 but my parents will not let me buy things online


instead of actually cutting the calc-to-calc transfer wire in half can i do something like this? for this "project" i don't really care about extra power. all i care about is that the link cable still works to transfer files, but i can also use it to transfer files between my USB flash drive.
Sorry if you can't convince your parents to let you buy this, but I think it is the best choice (it's what I have Smile ) and you won't have to buy multiple items to build something. I have been able to use it for a mouse, printer (just a test app that prints 1 pixel), a gamepad, and several flash drives with no problem about power.
thats the exact one that my parents wouldn't let me buy. they just don't trust online really sucks. ill try to assuage them into letting me get one. maybe if i tell them its a life or death situation...
If you aren't going to be hooking up devices which use more than 100mA, you don't need to build that circuit. You can find out how much power a device is using by hooking it up and looking in Device Manager (in Windows) at all of your USB controllers (not the device itself) and going through each tab in their properties until you see it. Most devices do use 100mA or less (keyboards and mice use practically nothing, and some devices like printers will power themselves from an outlet). The things to worry about are SD card adapters (mine uses 500mA, which is the maximum any USB device can draw) and stuff like that. I do have a flash drive or two which use 200mA, but you're more than likely safe.

You could make a splitter cable like you're talking about, but I'm not sure it's really worth it. Best thing to do is splice it and match up the colors, which will work fine as long as the mini end is A, not B.
I think creating a splitter cable is too advanced for me right now. haha
I was actually thinking about which end to use on a link cable. Before i read the last post, i did open up the A side. Woot woot.

yaaaaay i was able to beguile my parents! the are ACTUALLY letting me buy the cable off serialio
Congratulations. I bought that same cable from them as well...overpriced, but good quality. For a USB cable.
Nicely done, Clementop. Let us know what you think of it when you get it.
ya, for sure. all i hve to say right now is that i'm glad i'll be able to use my flash drive as an archive and i wont have to worry that much about losing programs with ram clear.
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