This new revision of the HP Prime came out in 2018 according to Wikipedia and it supposedly has twice the memory of the older version. Unfortunately, I can't find a US reseller. Does anyone know of a US dealer? Thanks.
Sadly, there is no US reseller yet. The G2 isn't even released in France to the best of my knowledge. You'll need to buy it from a Dutch retailer (you'll need a translator to read the website) I personally got my HP Prime G2 from this site. Including shipping, you'll probably be spending around $160 which is actually a very good value considering the TI 84 Plus CE at your local Walmart can run for over $150! Rolling Eyes
Thanks for the information. IF I don't use the calculator for programming or 3D visualization, do I need the extra speed/memory?
If you're not going to program or do 3D stuff or any other intensive tasks, then the G1 should be perfectly fine for you.
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