*bump* Usernames list added thanks to a discussion with Shaun that helped convince me that the complex idea I had been planning was not the best one, and that a simpler one implementable in 60 lines of code was just as good. Remaining items are at least the ping timeouts (which I still need to add to the gCnIRCHub as well) and saving of the contents of the Say field when a new message arrives.
*double-bump* The contents of the text input field is now saved to TextShadow if a message arrives while you are typing so that you don't have to re-type your lines, something that's very annoying on the current build. That leaves a single feature I think is missing: time-out pings.
merthsoft wrote:
Yay indeed! I suppose I'll add this last feature, then shall we do beta-testing?
Yes. And hopefully my arduino will be here today.+
merthsoft wrote:
Yes. And hopefully my arduino will be here today.+
That would be awesome. Hopefully I will be able to get this final stuff for Chat written in the next hour or so so that I can send you the Chat source, the gcnclient, and the Arduino image all at once for our testing. Smile
Nice job so far guys. Very Happy
DJ Omnimaga wrote:
Nice job so far guys. Very Happy
Cheers DJ. You should get an Arduino so you can chat with us. Smile
More news from Shaun and Christopher debugging on HCWP!

1) IRC messages are not making it from the gcnclient to endpoint calculators roughly 70% of the time
2) Disconnect messages from calculators pinging out now work properly
3) Together we designed the About window, and Shaun implemented it.
4) Crashing on disconnect occurs often. Debugging is in progress

Beta soon!

Edit: #4 resolved. Remaining Chat-related bugs are pretty much limited to gCn problems, so I'll try to post a Chat beta tomorrow morning, of course with Merth's approval.
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