I'm getting #cemetech on irc.dal.net - hold on...
too bad there's no chanserv on EfNet...

in any case, it wasnt andy who took #cemetech on efnet, it was Nikky... (allynsfolksjr)... he did it as soon as teh mention of an IRC channel first broke out here, almost 3 months ago if i understand correctly...

at first it was just him and his bot Hawthorne, but after i seized it the other day he put the entire CG botnet in there... so it would take a massive netsplit and some split second timing to get rid of them, or 5 computers losing internet at the same time... either way, it would be hard to get back...
Gar. OK, I'll find a different channel then.
EFNet works for me though
Yeah, but that's been 0wnz0red by allenfolksjr from calcgames.org
maybe #kermmartian ?
eh, that's lame
Just one more thing Andy will use against Kerm. Go with irc.worldnet.net, you can register the channel there for yourself.
How would I go about that?
I'll meet you there and walk you through it.
Deal, I'm going on now.

Edit:Hmm, seems to be +i...
the channel... oh that's bright... that's what Nikky did to #cemetech on efnet...

/mode #cemetech -i
should do it...

meanwhile, i will be setting you up an IRCbot...
no, that's ANOTHER nikky takeover

my real one is #cemetech.net
Alex, you would have to be an op in the channel, but maybe we can one of the bots to change the channel
All the bots on irc.worldnet.net are pretty stupid, they're all server bots and only do the normal stuff, nothing fancy. You bot could add some life there if only one person is on. Smile
yeah, like info lines, everyone loves those
Actually, I think they're annoying.
I was joking, I should probably remove mine, but oh well. I was just saying.
Laughing Those bots do get annoying after a while... Smile
they're more annoying with Alice in them...
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