How much do you want to see it completed (all three parts)?
A lot!
 100%  [ 4 ]
I don't care. Stop working on it.
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 4

I'm currently working on the first in a three-part series of games, which I intend to call the Exocron Cycle. The idea is that you're a military commander on Earth's colony world of Exocron and the planet has fallen under attack by a savage alien race. In the first game you are trying to blow the aliens out of the sky using antiaircraft guns, the second will be a phoenix-style space shooter, and the third MIGHT be a 3d shooter. Second and third will be done in assembly since I am presently learning the language and hope to have mastered it by then. Screenshots will be posted when I can get them. If you have any suggestions or ideas for the first two of these games, please post them.
Doubleposting because no one else here seems to have noticed this topic.
Beta testers for Exocron 1 are needed. PM or email me if you want to beta test.
I will give it a shot.
Sure, why not.
Ok. Should be coming to you soon.
I was about to say, didn't you mention this a while ago, and then I read your first and second posts again. Smile
What do you mean? Confused
Posted: 12:28 PM GMT Tuesday, October 4 Post subject: Exocron Cycle

Posted: 07:19 PM GMT Sunday, October 23 Post subject

That. Smile
Oh, I see. Any comments on the program (IF you've looked at it)?
I have not yet looked at it, but I got the email. Smile
will look at it soon
Ok. ANY feedback will be appreciated. ( I WAS going to call you all procrastinators, but I'm going to wait till later to do that)
hey hey hey, I had to finish my Tic Tac Toe program for the Calchaven programming contest
You procras...nevermind.
you need to be leanent, we test on our own will. Don't worry, I will be testing soon
I know. I just derive sadistic pleasur from calling people procrastinators. Just Joking
I need to submit mine...when's the deadline?
Kuro wrote:
( I WAS going to call you all procrastinators, but I'm going to wait till later to do that)

Okay, there is the general acceptance that programmers are procrastinators (or at least a lage majority of them). I did my physics homework right in front of the teacher this morning... I haven't so much as looked at PokéModr in a few days...which reminds me to fix and release it...maybe tomorrow...
i'll look for it.
Yeah, I'm an insane procrastinator, I think we all are. Smile
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