Just wondering what everyone's most popular program (on ticalc) is and why they think that is.

As for myself, my most popular is ADDicting Games Pack http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/331/33189.html . Why? To be honest, I think it's just good marketing. The games themselves suck, yet the pack has received over 11,000 downloads to date and continues to bring in up to 300 downloads per week. I'm planning on doing a small update to incorporate some of my later games and some small fixes to older ones.
i only have one program on ticalc.org, lol (that list compress program - and its the older, slow version at that, heh)

minor request please, move the period after the URL one space away, so that it doesn't get included when clicking on the link Wink
hmm... according to Tireport, my most popular is battlefrontier... which is funny, cuz all i did was come up with the framework for it, and pass it off to someone else who added in the characters and stuff... wierd...

though BattleTower is my #2, and it was all me...
Mine is Age of Darkness, it has around 8000 downloads. Smile
Mine is the Magic the Gathering Counter at http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/354/35450.html

1: my first program and the one that spent the longest time on ticalc.org. Almost one year! Then, I really didn't werite anything worth releasing for a few moths, the released another program, and then my cable busted (got a new one)
2: My only program to currently have an update. I think an update, always get new programs, due to the fact is that returns to the front page as a new program.
3: One of my better made programs. It is fast, effective, some inovative stuff (4 players with names, and 4 card counters) all with a nice grapical apperance to it.
uLtra TOurnaMent is my winner by far, about 25,000 downloads. Tetris and Sim City 2004 come in close seconds.
rivereye wrote:
Mine is the Magic the Gathering Counter at http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/354/35450.html

YES!!!! I'm not the only MTG player on Cemetech!

My favorite is Blasteroids 2.2, not a lot of downloads I know, but its the most popular file I have. Sad
I used to play MTG, I still have a crap load of cards sitting in my closet. Nobody I know plays around here anymore... Sad
Mines is Dark Link quest I think, but now that Reuben is #1 in top rated list at CG with school starts I noticed a dramatic increase in its download stats. Still, I think DLQ is my mos tpopular
My ticalc.org stats are starting to spike, but they're a little on the low side based on past Septembers.
on the low side? heh... mine are on the low side...
Well, I'm only 17 for the last 7 days with 2000 dls, ordinarily I'm at 3-4K right now.
Soon I will put 2.0 of Ultimate Pong on ticalc.org, I have been waiting to release due to raise my author stats and BASIC Elite approval.
I'm making a new game, hopefully it will generate a lot of downloads. It seems like nobody notices my programs, though. Kerm is lucky that way Mad
Laughing Thanks. I wish ticalc.org would notice more though. Sad
What program are you working on?
It's called Smack. You try to get from the left side of the screen to the other without getting hit by asteroids. There are 8 levels, and for each level the asteroids are stacked together. For instance, level 4 would look like
> oooo

It's tough but fun, and hopefully the ticalc.org visitors will actually see it!
Cool, that actually sounds original!
I'm flattered Very Happy . If any one has suggestions, please post here or send me an email.
So the asteroids travel right to left then? How about some kind of shiel or weapon powerup to fend off/destroy incoming asteroids? But only one shield or bullet per powerup.
No the asteroids move bottom to top. I will consider bullets though, that would make the game more interesting.
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