DShiznit wrote:
Was. I already gave up and took it apart for display, but I'm wondering if I jumped the gun.
You can still work on it without the screen; it works fine even with the screen removed.
Well it doesn't show up on TI-Connect, so is there any other way to find out if the mainboard still works at all?

I just presented my senior project to the gifted teacher/counselor and the head of the math department. Not to toot my own horn, but it was the best presentation either of them had ever seen. Granted, we're talking about teachers who generally cater to under-motivated inner-city kids, but still, it's high praise.

I don't think as highly as others about my own work, but if you want to take a look at my presentation for yourself-

Keep in mind, the first 3 slides have timings assigned for animation, but once you get to the first information slide, I believe the one entitled "tools", you will need to click to advance each slide. You'll also want to make sure you have your volume up, as the opening is pretty boring without the music I picked for it. You should also note that I was explaining things in more detail during the presentation than is actually written on the slides. It's currently set up for display on a 1024x768 pixel screen(which is what the projector uses) but if you have your own hardware I recommend setting it higher if possible(you can do this from Slide Show -- Set up show).

Mr. Dinenno, the gifted teacher and counselor, actually suggested that next year I enter this or something like this into a multimedia competition in Carlyle Pennsylvania, saying that none of the winning entries he saw were as good as this.

What do you guys think of my presentation? Is it worthy of the praise it's been given? Or are my more pessimistic assumptions more realistic?
You did a very nice job on the presentation! I like the calculator used as a slide template, I think that you summarized the project well and in appropriate detail, and I of course appreciate the kudos to Cemetech. For future presentations, it's better to put as few words on a slide as possible to force your audience to listen to what you're saying instead of stare at your slides the whole time, but you still did an excellent job. I think a multimedia contest would be fun!
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