I have a 84+se that I bought on Ebay. The screen needs to be be replaced. To date I have been unable to find a replacement screen. I am looking for someone who is willing to do the job. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount to get the job done.
Kerm fixes ccalc screens for fun, I bet that if you sent it to him, he would fix it for you. I could be wrong considering I cant read his mind...
What's wrong with the screen? I doubt you'd be able to find a direct replacement, though if you bought another broken calculator (broken elsewhere, but with a functioning screen) on eBay you could possibly transplant one from the other. A common problem seems to be a faulty connection rather than a damaged screen, which is repairable (see Kerm's post on this for more information).
Unfortunately, TI-84+ screens are much harder to replace than TI-83+ LCDs. The pitch on the connecting traces is much, much finer, and I have yet to carry off a successful replacement. I had a trusty TI-84+SE with a cracked screen that I bought a broken calc off eBay to replace the screen from, but in the end it turned out to be easier to just fix the new calculator than try to swap the screens. See also my response in the other topic.
Will you try to fix my 84?
john massey wrote:
Will you try to fix my 84?
Please check out my suggestion of how you might be able to repair it in the "On the Repair of TI-83+ LCDs" thread.
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