Soon after the release of Cemetech City, I'm releasing Cemetech City 2, a heavily modded version of the map that contains a save, ThirdCity. It's texturally quite similar to Cemetech City, but there are empty spaces, particle emitters, and more that work with the save. The save file itself may well be the most extensive build ever created in Blockland: over 400KB, and spanning from below ground to 4.5 scale kilometers above ground, several kilometers in every direction laterally, it contains several cities, multiple towns, and three aboveground bases and jumper-assisted elevators. Go download it now, mess with it, and continue the build!


Download Cemetech City 2 with save
Very nice. I added the DL link.
Umm, did the link I put up not go where it was supposed to? Confused It is on the bottom of the post...
Weird. So, anyone care to see a screenie from BL-Atlantis?
Looking nice, Kerm!
Nice, Kerm, very nice.
Cemetech city is what blockland is, and what should be. Pure fun and enjoyment.
Atlantis is also looking good, keep up the good work!
The only thing is that the build you include with Cemetech City 2 is way too laggy, even on the server also
True, true. Thanks Spazzo, I'm gonna post more screenies.
Also, why dont you post the newer version of Cemetech City 2 here, that has the extra floor and such Razz.
there should be nightly upload of just the save file, so this way we don't have to download the entire map if we want the new save (ok, maybe not nightly)
I didn't know you could have water in Blockland...now we can have aircraft carriers! Very Happy

And bomb Cemetech!
uh, have you looked at Cemetech City or Green Hills?
Actually, UD, it's very hard to make boat vehicles, because binding a vehicle to a waterblock is kinda difficult...
Is there a paper or something that says how to make vehicles for blockland?
Yes. I'll make the vehicle if you want; I'm sure someone could figure out the scripting on #tbmonly.
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