click the link. no more needs be said

ps. Im adding it as an external link to the Wikipedia entry
yeah, but that has been on the Rivereye Studios site for some time now,
The program? Indeed.

Wow that's really neat. Who made that? Cool \m/(^.^)\m/ Rock on Laughing
I dunno. How strange yet amazingly cool! Very Happy
I made it. Got bored, and decided to make something random.

@Rivereye: it cant have been cause I just made it and put it up online....maybe you are thing of someting else.
Perhaps Rivereye made his own at some point?
no, Kuro's. Maybe I should look at this one (I don't have Connect or TILP installed right now)
Surprised And you call yourself a programmer?!?! Very Happy
well, I have been using my laptop for that, but it is down for the moment
Ooohhh, ok, so it's not like you don't have it anywhere. Smile
yeah, I just need the silverlink drivers from the Linux Group and I am cool
which *nix to you decide on again?
I have Fedora Core 4, but I was reffering to the drivers for WIN32 (for use with TILP)

which shot do you like best?[/img]
BLUB!!! Why fliiper down though. Sad
I wondered what that was for a second, oh well, they all are good
flipper down, so that non-Blubsters can still easily identify it as a fish.

and what happened to the Blub-program link on Wikipedia?
Dunno, it should be there...?
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