I have wired up an Arduino display to the beaglebone (SSD1289 in LIDD mode).

I have also applied the patches to kernel 3.2.42 and managed to boot. I am using a filesystem from TI and have built the kernel using openembedded.

Everything seems fine. Kernel boots, I see a penquin on the splash screen, and an then greeted by the login screen on my TFT. Plugging a keyboard into beaglebone allows me to login and browse the filesystem etc. However, when I try and run a program which wants to draw to /dev/fb0 nothing happens

I see the following text, but no image on the screen.

"The framebuffer device was opened successfully.
240x320, 16bpp
The framebuffer device was mapped to memory successfully."

From what I understand the fact that I am seeing text on my TFT is no different than graphics i.e. my framebuffer must be working (assuming that this text mode is using the framebuffer).

Any ideas why writing to /dev/fb0 has no effect? Are there maybe missing ioctls in the patch which still need to be implmemented?


Kind regards
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