I think it is mandatory that Kerm integrate a driver using usb8x into Doors CS that allows you to use a USB mouse.
Yeah, it would be sweet. But then, he may have to make 2 versions, but hat is ok.
I believe I mentioned somewhere that usb8x will be incorporated. I will have a single App that contains both usb8x and TICI 2.0 drivers, and have it autodetect the calc type. CALCnet2 will of course be completely integrated as well, with read and write buffers. All actual transmission and receiving will be background-threaded.
is it just me, or does this sound like it would take two 83+s to hold the entire thing?
alex10819 wrote:
is it just me, or does this sound like it would take two 83+s to hold the entire thing?

lol, that would be sweet! a super-mega-ultra-version that takes up 256kb of archive, complete with an opening flash MOVIE thats in greyscale AND has sound Cool
Wow, this year long project is starting to sound like it will take much longer. Kerm, have you found any programmers to help you yet?
Not too many, but I haven't put out calls on all the sites yet, I'm going to wait until I'm actually ready to start. I hgope by breaking it down into smaller manageable chunks I'll be able to get it done more quickly with the extra help.
lets hope so, this will be good to see.
Exactly. I hvae gotten a fair amount of response about gCn though, which is encouraging.
exactly...gCN sounds intriguing...
Yup, I just hope it works out the way I want it to...
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