Hi! I'm Jordan, a high-school student who's been enthused by TI-Basic for a year or two and am looking to go further.
I enjoy Java and Python work, as well as working with Arduino, but, when I can't use a mobile device in class or don't have a computer available, I'll teach myself how to write simple utilities on my TI-84 Plus.
jrmann100 wrote:
Hi! I'm Jordan, a high-school student who's been enthused by TI-Basic for a year or two and am looking to go further.
I enjoy Java and Python work, as well as working with Arduino, but, when I can't use a mobile device in class or don't have a computer available, I'll teach myself how to write simple utilities on my TI-84 Plus.

Welcome to Cemetech!

If you have the time and inclination to post, we'd love to see and maybe help you improve your simple utilities and your Arduino and computer projects!
It might be a bit late, since I've already been here for a little while, but I'll introduce myself anyway. So...

Hi, I'm Cameron! I'm currently in 8th grade, and I really like coding (duh). I've been coding for around 5 years, and I first started learning at Khan Academy. Did anyone else start there? If you don't know, Khan has a processing js compiler, and that is where I did the majority of my coding for the first couple of years. Then I started using python, and just continued learning more and more from there. I've done all sorts of projects in all sorts of fields, from creating a website with Django, to making a chatbot with a neural net (and then putting said chatbot on said website), to hardware projects with Arduino and raspberry pi.

I had to get a graphing calculator this year for my math class and immediately learned ti-basic. I'm now learning assembly, and my biggest project right now is working on a shell for the ti 83/84 plus.

I also play guitar, and that and coding are basically my only hobbies.

So far, this forum has been awesome, and I hope to get to know the people on it! Smile
I'm Gregg C Levine. I first picked up a TI Calculator a number of years earlier, when the chap behind Small Robots responded to a fellow's problems regarding connecting a Parallax BASIC Stamp 2 device and the TI Calculator in question. It was a TI83Plus design. I still use his ideas to confirm that I'd correctly setup a newly unpacked one of those. I first encountered our hosts at Maker Faire several years earlier. And naturally I'm now interested in the furthering of how to properly use ArTICL to connect the Calculator to an Arduino [insert name] device and then do so stuff with it.

As it happens I'm an accomplished fan/supporter/participant of Doctor Who and Star Trek and Star Wars, just not all the time.....

Grokking the code behind how the Stamp spoke to the Calculator was the easy part, it used the Red and Black or copper leads. Here? More later.
I am Pendragon Wachtel, 15 years old, and I've finally been directed to Cemetech after a long search for a fix to a minor bug a few days back. I've found the time to register and introduce myself, so I'm glad I can finally be a part of this long-lasting community! I've been programming for about 4 1/2 years, and TI-BASIC going on one (although DarkBASIC was the first language I ever learned, which was out of an old book my dad had from college, so I do understand the principles of BASIC, and have picked up easily on TI). I am highly experienced in Batch, after having sat down on an old school computer for an hour after school 3 times a week, and I needed something to do. I've dabbled in PHP, JavaScript, and CSS, but otherwise I have the standard knowledge of Python and C# (saying HTML would be a detriment, although I do know it fairly well). I'm currently expanding my knowledge of TI-BASIC and taking up Assembly. I've done one hardware project with a Raspberry Pi in the past, but I was no good with it (at least at the time). This is getting fairly long, but I hope this gave some insight as to who I am. See you all around!
I found out about this website from when I first discovered calculator gaming about a year ago. I am choosing to make an account now because I want to get more involved with a community that has an IQ above average. Only about 2 weeks ago have I started to get more interested in making my own calculator programs as opposed to just downloading things from here or ticalc.org. I also have recently acquired a micro-usb to micro-usb connector so now instead of just flexing on my classmates with calculator games I can give them the power to flex on others too. I think TI-Basic is pretty cool because most programs written in TI-Basic for a TI-84 work on all other TI-84 models.

My Calculator: TI-84+ CE
I'm Fabio, A Linux embeddded systems developer, low lever programmer, formed in electronic engineering, so got more intro firmware development than electronics, leaving it as a hobbie. Also got some calculators on the way mostly scientifiic and one repaired graphic ti89 first generation.,.. which gave its last breath after a decade.

Currently i'm revisiting electronics and maths for better embrace hardware + firmware more easly, being the chosen the Casio cg-50 to help in maths and also learn python, even outside the computer.

I've posted recently something to develop software BASIC on the PC, using a syntax highlight plugin for VIM editor :

Hia peeps, I am landon (13 years old) and I have been doing basic for about 6 months now. I have a TI 84+ CE and i code almost all the time at school on my calculator. I am an eighth grader right now and am exited to go to high school. I started coding because i had figured out how to download games (my favorite game was oiram) and thought this is a cool thing to do in my past time. So far I have scripted a few things in basic and tried doing assembily but than died because I couldn't do it anywhere but on a computer (cant do it at school). (:
Hi and nice to meet you! Honestly, that is exactly what happened to me, same age, same idea, same situation. I was 13 when I got a TI 84+ CE and I tried BASIC and did it all the time at school. I also discovered games and coding through Oiram, and that's why I attempted asm. I did try assembly but I couldn't do it on calc, so testing and such took longer. But I found a great alternative: ICE! I recommend you try this great computer language by PT_ as well, as it is very close to basic, but the results are the same, if not better, than asm. Link here: https://www.cemetech.net/programs/index.php?mode=file&id=1481
Have fun coding! Smile
Oh i thought ice was like another language on a computer, thanks (:
(I am therad1 my account is inactive right now)
Therad2 wrote:
Oh i thought ice was like another language on a computer, thanks (:
(I am therad1 my account is inactive right now)
Welcome to Cemetech! We prefer you not make multiple accounts; please let me know what we can do to help with your therad1 account.
Hi I'm Bobby I love retro games and tech and i am currently failing 7th grade math! Graphing Calculator
0x48656c6c6f2c20576f726c6421 Graduating CompSci student (perhaps). Experience working with MVC architecture. I don't really know how to code, I have no idea how I've made it this far. 🐱‍🏍
Hi there! I was brought here by WikiPrizm because of my CASIO fx-CG50.

I know front-end web development (and a little bit of back-end too). I know a tiny bit of C and I'm learning Rust.

I'm not a native English speaker, so forgive my errors.
Hi! I am RANDY (Zeroko on ticalc.org)...Christian, geek girl, programmer (mostly Haskell & some C these days, plus ASM for calculators), CS Ph.D. student (finishing soon (I hope!)). I have a tendency to try to hack everything (calculators, games, computers, peripherals, physics, math, etc.)...so I guess reverse engineer also.

For TI calculators, I have in the past figured out how to run custom ASM code on the TI-80 (I need to document the hack...) & TI-81 & tried to hack the TI-36X Pro (partially successful but no looping). I also accidentally got a TI-86 to display red/yellow/green/blue stripes, with the same method working on a TI-92+. I have not done much with my TI-84 Plus CE other than restoring its certificate from a backup after it got erased (no idea how) & wondering why TI's calculator division seems to be so bad at security & efficiency. I mostly have not tried to hack my TI-89 Titanium because I use it for doing the math for other projects & dislike having in-progress work erased.
Heller peeps! I'm King Dub Dub, just call me Dub Dub (but not Dedede, I am not a blue bird with a hammer)! I've been lurking for a while and just wanted to join, I've got a few questions and projects I may want to ask about, but I still think I know what I'm doing. Just a smol Christian lad who knows Ti-Basic, BASIC, a little C, Python, and Mindstorms. I hate coding with a passion but love building stupidly complicated machines, so I've forced myself thus so far to bang on a keyboard till 2 am. I hope I can contribute to this place! BTW does anyone else know what a TRS-80 Color is, or am I the only 17 year-old who does?
King Dub Dub wrote:
BTW does anyone else know what a TRS-80 Color is, or am I the only 17 year-old who does?

Welcome to Cemetech!
I think the majority of Cemetech users would at least have heard of a TRS-80 before, but that's probably not the case for the average 17 year old. The demographics of Cemetech users are definitely a little wacky.
Welcome everyone!
Hi, Im Gage,
Unlike alot of people here I know very little about programming in general (hopefully that will change in the future) so far all ive done is played around with other peoples programs on my TI-85. I like tinkering with various electronic devices ranging from toasters to vintage computers. I found this website through a seemingly abandoned project that I saw on ticalc and got curious, so here I am.
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