Please enjoy some random pictures from my visit to Maker Faire 2010 with my good friend Arcades! I'll add descriptions to some of the more random ones in the morning. Suffice it to say that I had a great time; there were tons of cool demos and projects, vendors with neat products and crafts and machines, I saw some nifty home 3D printers, I saw jet engines and pyrotechnics and a life-sized Mousetrap game, I re-visited the NY Hall of Science after a seven-year absence (on the grounds of which the Faire was held), and I enjoyed overpriced food. In other words, lots of fun.

I wish I was there... Sad
This weekend all I did was go to a bad craft fair (there were like 6 stalls for picture frames, picture frames, necklaces, and more picture frames)
At least you took pictures (yay). I've always thought those 3d printers were cool. I do find it interesting though that there's already an industry for them!
wow, looks epic!

wish I could have gone Sad
Mufin, yeah, I'm happy too, although the price is still a little bit above what I'm comfortable spending. Sorry to hear your weekend was less fun. Sad Qazz, it was indeed epic. I started adding labels to all those photos, including noting the pulse-jet-powered carnival rides, the (Gemini?) rockets, ArcAttack's equipment (we saw them perform the Back to the Future theme), Ben Heck's XBox laptop in person, and much more, but my computer crashed and I lost them, so I'll leave them to your imagination.
I see you found the cloning booth. Should we be afraid? (Or very afraid?) Looks like a fun weekend, though!
benryves wrote:
I see you found the cloning booth. Should we be afraid? (Or very afraid?) Looks like a fun weekend, though!
Yup, it was a fun change of pace indeed. And that's a three-mirror kaleidoscope in the NY Hall of Science museum (but if I ever do get access to cloning technology, you should be happy rather than afraid, because that might finally give me the time to have a finished project list that grows no slower than my projects to do list).
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