Let's continue to discuss this cool game and the structures we have built with it here. I'll post my screenshots again tomorrow.
I have yet to figure this out. Need new video card, or use the external harddrive. When I do play, I never get anything done though.
do you got a server yet?
Yes, yes, I'm working on it Smile

Currently spraypainting the case (just bought more spraypaint tonight Very Happy, but my Dad won't let me paint until the morning due to paint fumes Crying)
For those who have problems: try installing DirectX 9, that sometimes fixed it.
YAY! I can play now. I bought a new video card. See you all there.
Let's see...I've finished painting the case, now waiting for it to dry...
Word! I'll send you the necessary files when you're ready.
I hope you've worked a lot on this world Kerm. I'd like to see it when it is ready.
I have, it looks really cool.
im gonna help out when i can, as much as i can...

i like my elevator design... it seems to work, and it works underwater too!
Yeah, I think I started the elevators. I build them everywhere now. Smile
I think we should post the link to download blockland, and the better mods out there for it.

Blockland: http://www.blockland.us
TBM: http://www.thebettermod.com
AiO: http://www.lanhoj.net/
With AIO, do extract it to the Blockland folder, or is it run on it own, or what?
Well, the newspaper stuck to my case, so when I tried to remove it, I also got some little pieces of paper attached to the case; you have no idea what kind of a pain it was to remove that...

I'm also thinking about whether to install Linux or Windows on the new server; anyone know of a faster simulator than WINE? Because it's really slow...
Definitely go with Windows, we need it to host Blockland! Smile
yeah, we need a place for Blockland.

BTW, Kerm, when you play, what is the name of the server so we can join and help you?
Cemetech Blockland Server Info

Server Name: Cemetech
Password Required: Yes
Password: Texas
Mod(s) Required: TBM (http://www.thebettermod.com)
Map Used: CemetechCity2
wtf is blockland?
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