the best project I evar had
Lay. Off. The. Shift+1. Combination.
meh I made this cause I was bored / I have no life
Don't call the topic title unless you made a website called "". .Net or .NET are the proper titles of the Microsoft library/environment/IDE thing
yeah, I tihnk that came up in omni too >.<
qazz42 wrote:
yeah, I tihnk that came up in omni too >.<
Dammit, can anyone make a post on Cemetech anymore without mentioning rival sites at least three times per post? Razz

Good job on this, though, qazz; do you have any screenshots for our enjoyment?
:/ what? so now cemetech and... the other site are having a user contest?


So... you're never right? Or do you not guess until you get it?
oh, thats when it was seeded at 45, it is random between 1-30 now Very Happy
What happens when you get it right? Does it behave just like the on-calc versions?
well, try it for your self, I cant go giving away spoilers Razz
Aww, didn't you give them away on Omnimaga though?
no, I dont tell anyone what happens >Very Happy it is an adventure they must take up themselves
But I don't run windows, and this being .Net kinda screws me over! Now I am offended and nikky.

Noo! Oh well, suxs then :/

ok fine... a MessageBox.Show appears with nick's ticalc pass
CDI: You can always use Mono.
Well at least there's one small good thing about this clone: it's not 200 KB large like the other Windows WFRNG clone on Razz
qazz42 wrote:

Noo! Oh well, suxs then :/

ok fine... a MessageBox.Show appears with nick's ticalc pass
Fascinating that you didn't decide to just display it in the console window like the rest of the text; I guess you wanted to test out everything you've learned thus far? Smile
Nah, I just thought that the wonderful prize shouldnt be reduced to plain text, no, it gets the special treat of being in a MessageBox Smile
Good work!

You should only create a single Random instance and use that throughout your program (that is, move Random myRandom = new Random(); outside the for ( ;; ) loop). You'll end up with the same sequence of random numbers every time; a typical way to avoid this is to seed the random number generator with a different value each time the program runs (one easy way is to use a truncated form of the current date and time, new Random((int)DateTime.Now.Ticks)).

Of course, this doesn't matter if you're only using a single random value (and changing every time you guess) but it's useful if you're aiming for a decent distribution of random numbers.

Your code throws an unhandled exception if you don't enter a valid number (e.g. "goat"). Consider using int.TryParse() instead, which will return true if value could be parsed and false otherwise.

int guess;
do {
    Console.Write("A=? ");
} while (!int.TryParse(Console.ReadLine(), out guess));

I've never seen this pattern before:

if (condition) {
    // do something
} else ;

Where did you pick that up? Smile
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