Ok, I'm going to go ahead and upload a test program, here's what we're looking at right now:

Right now the only color changing that's going on is strings and comments (and preprocessor directives), but you can add it through the XML file. You can control foreground color, background color, text style, how many characters long a token has to be to underline it (-1 for no underlining), and what color the underline is. Check out the xml file if you want to see how it's laid out. The readme will be updated, um, eventually.

Keep in mind that the tokens files changed (including the schema), so this is a breaking changed with your old tokens files. Just put the "Group" tags inside a <Groups></Groups> section, and add a default style and it should work. There were also some ambiguous tokens in the Tokens.XML file and the AxeTokens.xml file, and it now crashes on ambiguous tokens (sorry!). Project stuff is disabled for now.

This does work under Mono, btw:

Download at the normal place:
I absolutely love the underlining thing that shows you token delineation. That would be ridiculously helpful with people who have issues between, for instance, "Pause" and "Pause ".
Been playing around with the newest version, enjoying it Smile

As was said in IRC, I'd like to be able to adjust my text size in program without having to edit things in the xmls.

What is your next upgrade to this project?
Controlling font-size in program is on the list. End token counting/matching/code folding will likely be next (indentation of the code, too). Then finishing up the project infrastructure.
Ctrl+<arrow> jumping between tokens would be nifty.

Love the token underlining. It feels a lot more like there are actual tokens sitting in the text area, which is unique.
Thanks! I think since everyone seems to like that, I'm going to remove the tokens pane--it only causes me trouble anyway.

Also, as a note, this text editor adds a few other things, too, that may be handy. Namely Ctrl+F for find, and Ctrl+G for goto line.
Alright, there were some bugs in how it was handling alt tokens and preprocessor directives. These have mostly been addressed:

And just because I've been more rigorous about Mono support, here's it in Mono on Windows:

I've also improved performance a bit as well as made it a bit smaller.

Download in the normal place:
Looking hawt Merth. I'll have to try it on mono for mac later so I can get screenshots for ya.
Looks awesome Very Happy

The tabs on the second screenshot is a bit muddled though. 'Projec' not sure if that's a typo or a goof in the programming. Something to look in to Smile
That's because Mono on Windows is pretty crappy. It's not likely something I will be trying too hard to fix, since it works right in Microsoft .NET and Mono on Fedora.
Because Tifreak was complaining, I started working on a list/matrix editor:

Part of doing all this was also unifying the way the edit tabs are handled. Before it could only be a text editor in there, now (as you can see) you can do other stuff. This is a good step toward making image editing done in a tab.
That looks great! Keep up the impressive (and very helpful to programmers) work, Merth. I'm sure that tifreak8x will be thrilled as well.

Hooray for constant nagging ^_^
Here, have some more icons! These were the result of Shaun reminding me during Have Calc, Will Program that these were sorely overdue to him (not to mention, I see, two pages back in this topic).

Oooh, those are nice, thanks! I'll make sure to get those in there.
merthsoft wrote:
Oooh, those are nice, thanks! I'll make sure to get those in there.
Neat-o. As always, be sure to let me know if you need any more from me.
Those are some gorgeous icons. Can't wait to see them in action! Very Happy
OK, I've made an update. Three changes, really:
1) File handling code now simpler, which makes my life easier.
2) Fixed bug where backslash wasn't working correctly.
3) Added Kerm's Icons. Here's some of them:
Great update! And I'm always happy and slightly jealous to hear about some code re-factoring, considering how messy my ten years of combined SourceCoder code is.
I've updated it some more to add squiggly lines for untokenizable characters, as well as grouping of the backslashes so you can better tell what's a token:

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