kirb wrote:
The WAP is in the library in plain sight. He's currently trying to find a program that can decode a WEP.

$54M for an addition?! Our school is paying that much for a whole school!

Just for the record, that's illegal, and Cemetech distances itself from any illegal activities mentioned by users on this forum. Posts and their content are the sole legal responsibility and property of the respective poster.
He != me. I don't have a PSP, and never will. I was just saying what he was doing. I wasn't going to ask where to get one either.
The WAP is in the library in plain sight. He's currently trying to find a program that can decode a WEP.

I'll tell you this right now; THERE'S NO WAY A CALCULATOR COULD EVER BE ABLE TO DO SOMETHING THAT MEMORY INTENSIVE. Don't even try. Try making your own wireless comms out of a shortwave radio or something.
He's using his PSP. I never said anything about using this for the calculator.
? I thought you just made that one post about the PSP...didn't know that became the subject of this topic Very Happy
Sorry for the confusion. Here:
How's your AIM project coming along?
PSP = WiFi
Try to find WAP code *illegal, I don't like it on here* = dunno
Wireless AIM = calc
I have finished the program so it now can send messages via a I/O physical link. I have to wait for them to finish the hardware and I don't know how long that will take Sad

@Kirb: The reason it's so much money is because the school is made up of three towns and is huge, well at least with this addition it will be. Also land in the Boston area is quite pricey Smile Not as bad as New York by any stretch of the imagination, but still a lot Evil or Very Mad
@Everyone: I finally figured out how to accurately program time delays in assembly! Very Happy I'm so happy right now...

As for your friends, do you know what sort of device they're using? Because I have some info. that I think they might need...
@chipmaster: That's not what I was getting at, I was saying that your school district is willing to pay $54M for an addition, we were hesitant to add a pool for $1M (our current one is HORRIBLE). Plus they can't count the 3 or so developments being built into the size needed for the school, so in 3 or so years, it'll be too small again. And our school district is huge, it's about 4 townships.'ve got nothing on the NYC public school system, good thing I didn't use it. Very Happy
@ Kirb: I want a pool at our school. For the record our school is referred by many students as the "trash heep" and for good reason.

@UD: What do they need to know? I will let them know Smile
Laughing My college isn't exactly rich either.
Well, now that it is under construction here are the current specs (these are no joke):

-concrete floor (tiles are ripped up)
-exposed ceiling (drop ceiling has been removed)
-hallways are lit by lanterns similar to miner's lanterns (took out the lights)
-NO Parking (ugg I am a junior and I can't even park on the premises because they tore up the parking lot for construction. I have to park up town and walk about 1/2mile)
-Constant noise (often noise of jack hammers)
-Safety issues (because of the construction the school is constantly having problems. Last year we had a fire in the intake engine that blows in fresh air, thereby contaminating the schools air for a week. There have been countless others, but that stands out because we made Fox (in massachusetts))
-dust and debris (the seniors cars are always covered with this stuff becuase of construction)

Ahh that rant felt good Very Happy Laughing
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