Round of applause to Kerm for getting the train working:

Yay! And there's even semifunctional tracks Smile
On that note, it should probably be mentioned that the breakthrough was Kerm's idea to put invisible barriers on the sides of the track to corall the train and keep it on course.

A neat little h@ck that was also discovered was the ability to accelerate indefinitely on the tracks when friction is turned down to zero and you fly forward along them.
Indeed. I now have completely debugged straight tracks and am moving on to curved tracks etc.
Sweet! Does the train go as fast as frictionless flying yet?
ven if it doesn't, the frictonless flight rocks!!!
Zero as a coefficient of friction...reminds me of a crazy idea a group of friends and I had last year in physics... If there was a surface with a negative coefficient of friction with another surface, it would accelerabte to the speed of light over a period of time, causing the person to "travel" forwards in time. Razz
Kerm did some work on the sloping track. Here's the low down:

Yay! Yup, I hope to have curved and better slopes tomorrow.
BTW nice subliminal message in your avatar jon Very Happy
(DP!!!!!! OMG!!! Thanks.)

More Screenies:

this looks awesome!

as soon as i fix my comp im getting on here more... (comp has been freezing alot lately... started about 2 weeks ago...)
R u gonna like...release the file of the train so we'll be able to spawn 1 when we feel like it using the Staff and Editor menu thingy?

Or will you not release it and only use it in ur server?
Dude, of course I'm going to release it. It will be part of TBM2.
ok, sweet, can't wait. Let me know when TBM is in it's release state,
Word. I also released Cemetech City 2.
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