Here's a small project of mine that I was working on for the past two weeks: a clone of PapiJump.

I made it with Axe, but I think I'll be converting it to pure ASM sometime (if only to practice my Z80).

It's pretty much done, so enjoy! Comments and suggestions and questions and rants go below.

EDIT: Download link:
This looks nice. How did you do the scrolling background?
Axe made it too easy. It's grayscale where I'm shifting the back buffer half as fast as the buffer.
Deep Thought wrote:
Axe made it too easy. It's grayscale where I'm shifting the back buffer half as fast as the buffer.
Congrats, this game looks quite fun. To be brutally honest, I'm most impressed with Quigibo's coding skills when I see these games, since he created quite the flexible language/library set, but the way you've put it to good use is also very impressive.
Well, zero44 sent me a modded version of the PapiJump source (three months ago) that had two additions: a "port" mode to control the game through the link port, and a "sound" mode with some sound effects. Unfortunately, one of the files was corrupted and I didn't get around to really looking at it until today, but here it is.

According to his original post:
zero44 wrote:
At beginning you can choose between both by pressing P or S.
Port mode:
• Ball can be drive by port. Contact with ground and pin1 on the jack make ball go to right, contact with other pin make ball go left.
• Contact between all pins start/restart game, and while playing it opens the bugged sprite editor.
Sound mode:
• It plays a little melody while playing, another in game over, and a sound when hitting a bar.
• Sounds are bad, but I don't know very well Axe interrupts; and game is slower.
:devil: Don't connect headphones while playing in port mode, it will make game over or other things like this ...
I have no idea about that hardware stuff, so all I can do with it is stick a headphone in and listen to the sound effects Very Happy
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