I once read a paper about three or four years ago on a theory to fit one terabyte of storage space into one cubic cemtimeter; they have now gotten very close; they have finally made a one molecule transistor http://www.iqnewsnet.com/displaysubl.asp?cat=N
nano tech, YEAH!!!
sweet... maybe i should start buying a few hundred of those when they're affordable... i could start my own online storage facility...
ROTFL...I could make a storage facility in my calculator! Very Happy
Think about it though...1 TB in 1 cm^3...1TB in the palm of your hand Laughing

Or how about those 600 GHz processors? Very Happy
Mmmmm, 600GHZ....sorry, what?
Yes, 600 GHz processors are in the future Very Happy
Isn't that physically impossible within a single CPU??
if it were possible for thoses to go in handhelds, Cemetech REb edidtion would be the best thing ever, faster than your desktop, has more memory the a super computer, and lighter than your laptop, it is Cemetech Red Edition
Surprised Sounds good to me!
Isn't that physically impossible within a single CPU??

Apparently you didn't read the link provided Rolling Eyes

Physicists at the University of Illinois have built the fastest ever transistor. The device, which operates at over 600 GHz, is a bipolar transistor made from indium phosphide and indium gallium arsenide. It demonstrates the feasibility of making transistors that can operate at frequencies of several terahertz, which could be used in ultrafast communications, high-speed computing, medical imaging and sensors.
*reads link*

Ahhhh, I see, but wouldn't optical transistors be even faster? Or quantum Qs!
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