Any subject matter is fine, whether digital, by hand, or otherwise. I haven't noticed a general art thread, so I figured it might be a good idea to start one.

These are a few pieces I've worked on. The first one is of myself, and the others are of a friend.

Wow, those are great! Here's one of my sketches that I've made over the years on my tablet PC (sorry for ginormity).

Souvik and Tanner, both of your latest pieces of art are nice. Smile Why the anime style? Also, where did you both learn anime-style drawing, just from trying to emulate, well, anime? Or something more formal?
I got it from just looking at a picture and trying to emulate it (and doing that quite a few times, I have about 10 index cards with bad drawings on them before it became what it is). Also, I think for most of them, we were drawing from the same anime, Shakugan no Shana. For one of them, I was drawing it from a picture of Scanty and Kneesocks from the anime Panty and Stockings (<3). The other one that was kind of random was something I found on DeviantART and decided to draw, I think I linked to the original in the description. Also, the formal drawing tutorials have never worked for me. Not sure why, they just don't :/ I learn it better by just trying to draw certain things over and over and not trying to be so precise about where I draw. When I do try to get it perfectly precise, I end up not being happy with a spot and erasing it over and over again.

Oh, and thanks Very Happy
An excellent and thorough explanation, thanks for that. I might as well share in turn that I've learned realistic portrait drawing through a similar trial-and-error process, combined with a few vague memory remnants of the proper way to set up a drawing in terms of the head shape, proper scaling and placement of features (eyes halfway down the skull, nose halfway between eyes and chin, mouth halfway between nose and chin), and I work from there. It takes me many many iterations to get things right as well.
Ah, one thing I forgot to mention, I typically start from the jaw part of the face and then work my way upwards, or whichever way seems to be the easiest to draw in terms of being proportionally correct. And the hair is something that used to get me pretty badly, because of the way they draw it so it makes a spike (in a way). For the longest time, I couldn't get that spike to look right, so I typically just gave up on it. And right now, it is the eyes and the mouth that are getting me. That last picture seemed really bad to me because of the mouth being in a weird place. And I had to redo the eyes about 5-7 times before I was somewhat okay with them. I think one of the reasons "formal" tutorials for how to draw people don't work for me is because of the usage of those lines across the face that help you set the eyes, mouth, nose, etc. I tend to be so unhappy with just those lines that I don't really get anywhere with the actual drawing :/
I usually start with the hair and head, then work downwards.
Music counts as art, right?
Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-On.
Azunyan and Yui from K-On:
Azunyan from K-On:

Also, very nice job, Souvik!
Nice stuff. That puts my lPdS images (see my music topic) to shame Shock
Azunyan from K-On:
Scared Mio from K-On:
Those look awesome, Tanner, especially the second one.
Konata from Lucky Star:
Wow nice. I just draw what ever I feel like. This is the last thing I drew just got bored. ^_^
merthsoft wrote:
Music counts as art, right?
Yay, Shaun's music makes me happy. Smile
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